Success Stories


Global leading Hospitality Services Company

Legacy App Modernization

When a leading hospitality services company wanted to modernize their e-commerce platform, they called Stackular.

  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • APIs and Integration
  • Cloud Automation
National Construction Company

Compliance Mobile Platform

A national construction company called Stackular when they wanted to roll out a new mobile app service to their customers.

  • Cloud Automation
  • APIs and Integration
  • Web and Mobile Apps
Transportation and Delivery Services Startup

Sustainable Delivery Service Platform

Stackular helped a startup transportation services company scale their platform to grow their business and increase the sustainability of their services.

  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • APIs and Integration
  • Cloud Automation
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National Health Services group

Financial systems Automation

When a National Health Services Group needed to automate their accounts payable processes, they called Stackular to get the job done.

  • Business Apps
  • Financial Systems
  • Microsoft Power Platform

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